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DRY LINE – Perfect combination for dry hair


Enriched with vitamin E and ceramides, it removes the roughness and dryness of hair in the first application.

It works powerfully to recover shine,flexibility and moisture of the hair.

Shampoo made with high technology to provide restoration and strengthening to dry hair.

This conditioner is designed to restore the hair fiber damaged by chemical processes and return the moisture to dry hair.

SILVER LINE – perferct color results for blond, bleached,white and gray hair

SHAMPOO  33,8 oz AND MASK 16,9 oz

It’s advanced formula neutralizes yellow and orange tones caused by oxidation.

It’s sulfate free formula is made with cysteine, an amino acid that reconstructs the cracks on the hair shaft and gives the ideal platinum look.

This professional and advanced formula neutralizes the yellowish caused by oxidation, prolonging and increasing the durability of the perfect platinum color.

Made with Cysteine, the amino acid that redoes the hair cracks;The Silver line provides realignment of hair strands, hydration and a perfect color for blondes.

COLOR LINE – Essential for dyed hair


Made with specific sunscreen for the hair, it keeps the cuticles closed and protected from sunlight. It’s perfect for after dyed hair, finishing the chemical process and lowering the hair’s pH, making the color lasts longer with shine  and vitality.

Through the association with sunflower extract, it returns the strength, balances the pH of the hair, and restores all softness, silkiness and shine lost.

Sunflower extract associated with the latest generation of ingredients; it balances the pH, eliminates the porosity of the strands, and restores vitality to color, softness and shine to hair.

3D THREE DIMENSIONAL TREATMENT – Restores, Reconstructs and Hydrates

SHAMPOO 33,8 oz, RM 16,9 oz, HP 16,9 oz

This unique formula was developed with nano encapsulated amino acids which restore the composition of our natural keratin; therefore restoring, hydrating and repairing the lost properties of hair. 

Deep cleaning; gently removes residues of cosmetics, chlorine and excessive oiliness. Prepare the strands to receive the 3D-dimensional treatment.

RM restructures the hair in a three-dimensional way, reaching the deeper layers of hair strands,  chemically unstructured and stimulates the production of new keratin. Developed with micro-encapsulation of amino acids to replenish the mass of keratin through the essential amino acids that form the hair: Lysine, Cysteine and Arginine.

Fast implementation and efficient in the result, HP seals the cuticles, balances the pH and moisturizes the hair in minutes.

BYE BYE FRIZZ SUPER – its a thermal Realignment treatment that is easy to apply, odorless,doesn`t burn the eyes and efficiently and naturally  provides a long lasting, moisturized and shiny straight hair.

HYPNOTIC LINE – Gives back the hair movement, shine and hydration lost due to chemical process such as relaxer, formaldehyde or other straightening systems

SHAMPOO 33,8 oz, MASK 16,9 oz

It’s advanced formula with exclusive blend of amino acids and proteins recovers the hair, providing a long lasting hydration.

Its unique salt-free formula provides a gentle cleansing without removing or damaging the chemical processing of the hair.

Its unique formula provides intensive hydration to the hair, restoring treatment and recovery of silkiness, shine and health of hair.

BLOWDRY EXPRESS – Faster blowdrying and long lasting results

SHAMPOO 33,8 oz, CONDITIONER 33,8 oz, LEAVE IN 8,45 oz

The Blow dry line reduces blow drying time up to 50%, making the hair’s surface smooth and easy to brush.

It’s formula contains many nutrients, and gives thermal protection.

With the latest generation of technology, it has NANO molecules that penetrates the strands and expels the water, reducing up to 50% the blow drying time of the hair .

has a BLEND with Molecules of nanoemulsion that provides shine and softness to the hair.

Forms a  film repellent to water with thermal protection, improving the sliding of the flat iron, providing shine and radiance to the hair.

EQUALIZE – An intensive treatment


Made using nanotechnology, Equalize is an intensive, yet natural treatment that repairs damaged hair. Equalize can be done up to four applications, once a week, allowing a temporary change of the hair structure, while reducing the volume and frizz.

Clean the strands gently without opening the cuticle, drying or damaging the hair.

Aquative  acts exclusively to enhance the action of Serina in volume reduction and smoothing of the hair.

Suitable for hair requiring reduction in volume, this eliminates the frizz and straightens the hair.
Developed with Nano particles of Serina to provide treatment changing the keratin structure to a smoother and natural shape, without chemical aggression.

Its unique formula provides intensive hydration to the hair; restoring treatment and recovery of silkiness, shine and health of hair.


Lightener and developer made with argan oil and algae extract which provide reduction of scalp irritability and gives protection during the chemical process.

Ensures a fast, uniform and effective lightening in all professional services.

Bleaching powder developed with Argan Oil and Algae Extract to provide hydration to the strands and protection during the chemical process. Ensures fast, uniform and effective whitening.

Dust Free

With Argan Oil and Algae Extract to prevent irritability  of the scalp. 10,20,30 and 40 volume

SOS DEEP SHAMPOO – It provides a deep, gentle cleaning of the hair strands. It operates in the removal of impurities, leaving the hair free of cosmetics , mineral deposits,  chlorine and excessive oiliness.

INTENSIVE CARE -Instant Hydration developed associating a protein complex and moisturizing agents that helps the penetration and retention of amino acids in the strands, providing high nutrition to damaged hair. Fast application and efficient results. Promotes strengthening and moisturizing of the hair in a few minutes.

SOS 2 – It acts on the external relief of the hair fiber, leveling the cuticle and moisturizing the strand completely. Its formulation contains cupuaçu butter, which when associated with sodium PCA, provides deep hydration to the hair. Through wheat protein and vitamin E association, SOS 2 balances the pH. Therefore returning the softness, smoothness and shine of the hair.

9NINE RESCUE  – A new concept for highlights

It’s a product that works safely in highlights even in damaged hair; providing homogeneity of color, from the roots to the ends.

Improves hair lightening, letting protected during all stages of the chemical process.

NANO BLOCK – Encapsulates unwanted odors

Fluid containing nano particles that encapsulates and eliminates unwanted odors caused by chemicals like perms, relaxers, keratin with formaldehyde etc. When added to the products, it does NOT change its composition and performance.

It can be applied to the product, hair and scalp.

Cristal Line – Detox   Shampoo 33,8 oz   Mask  16,9 oz

Its exclusive formula with a blend of creatine  and vitamin B5 with positive charge repairs the cuticles  and removes chlorine, salt and metals from the hair.

The creatine acts on the damage hair enhancing the resistance of the capillary fiber and recovering the strength of the hair.

The vitamin B5 with positive charge promotes shine, silkiness and moisture to the hair.

RED MASK – Enhances and activates the lost shine of hair with red color or highlights. The Red Mask deposits red pigments on the strands without damaging the hair.


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