Bye Bye Frizz Super

For professionals who need a product that is easy to apply, odorless, smoke-free, and eye burning free.

Bye Bye Frizz is a thermal realignment treatment that unlike the Botox, Keratin and others straightening treatments available on the market, this can be applied in a single step.

In addition to recovering damage caused by the excessive use of chemicals, it provides long lasting, moisturized and shiny straight hair. 

It’s formula has been carefully developed with splendor oil technology, a mix of 9 natural oils; macadamia,peach, hazelnut, chia, kukui, baobab, moringa, batana and canola, which provide naturally straight and moisturized hair.

ByeBye Frizz - Regular

Bye Bye Frizz is an easy and fast procedure for the hair, which lasts a few washes; This leaves the hair smooth, shiny and easy to blow dry.

It provides an option to keep a natural curl, or if blow dried, a smooth hair, but always without frizz.

It is up to you!

Suitable for those who blow dry or flat iron the hair frequently. Using the home care line makes the treatment last longer. Activated by heat.

This treatment can be done as many times as you want/need.

Cristal Line - Pool and Beach

Its exclusive formula with a blend of creatine  and vitamin B5 with positive charge repairs the cuticles  and removes chlorine, salt, hard water and metals from the hair.

The creatine acts on the damage hair by enhancing the resistance of the capillary fiber and recovering the strength of the hair.

The vitamin B5 with positive charge promotes shine, silkiness and moisturize to the hair.

9Nine Rescue - Safe Blonde

A new concept to do highlights

9Nine Rescue is a product that works safely in highlights, and even in damaged hair; it provides homogeneity of color, from the roots to the ends. this product Improves hair lightening, letting moisturized, restored and protected during all stages of the chemical process.

It gives confidence to the hairdresser to achieve the lifting he desires and less damage to the hair in any chemical process.

STEP 1  – The concept is to make a chemical reaction within the hair, acting directly on the internal structure of damaged keratin, and turning it into strong and healthy fiber.

This procedure of recovery and treatment occurs at the same time that the process is acting and damaging hair.
This match between damage and treatments is overcome expressively by 9nine RESCUE, making them stronger and healthier hair than before the

STEP 2 – This is an incredible product to neutralize the chemical process inside the strand after a bleaching, color or straightening process.

The secondo step is the only one in the market that neutralizes any type of chemicals


By Fernando Fernandes

A specific line for who want to keep a very beautiful, hydrated, soft and shiny to the dry and curly hair. The line was carefully developed in partnership by Ponto 9 and a known Brazilian stylist who has  30 years of knowledge dealing with curly and wavy hair.

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