Della Sanctos Corp brought to the US in 2013 a Brazilian brand named Ponto 9 Professional Cosmetics.

Ponto 9 Professional Cosmetics established itself since 1998 in the Brazilian market for professional hair care, as one of the companies that offered the best quality to its customers.

Specialized in the Professional market, its strong connection to the world’s trend brought the latest Nanotechnology to the Brazilian and International market. The effectiveness of the products makes the PONTO 9 Professional Hair Care recognized as a company seeking immediate results for professionals and consumers.

Ponto 9 uses Nanotechnology to develop all of its products and is always seeking the last generation of raw materials in the market. We have a complete line of professional treatments for all hair types.

Labeling the pH and amino acids on the bottles helps professionals beware of what they are using, all the while gaining the clients confidence.

The Company won the “Brazil Brand Award” as the best hydration of the Brazilian market and the “Quality of Business International Award” for product quality, business philosophy and respect for the professional consumer and their customer.

The family named Hufnagel is a reference to capillary discoveries in Brazil. It started with Gustavo Hufnagel in 1927 in Germany. Discoveries are still being made until today by his grandaughter Patricia Hufnagel, the chemical engineer and founder of Ponto 9. Most of the family works in the hair industry until today.

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